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Topside Air Hat

Bulldog Diving’s Ultra Lite MK3: Topside Positive Air Helmet for everyday hazards found in today’s Industrial settings.

Today’s industrial world exposes a multitude of confined spaces with toxic fume potential, making safety paramount. For those tasked with confronting these hazards, Bulldog Diving’s Ultra Lite MK3 stands as a beacon of safety providing full head protection, comfort, and mobility. Designed as a positive pressure air helmet with continuous air supply, the MK3 offers unparalleled safety features, making it an indispensable tool in the industrial setting.

Real-World Applications: The Ultra Lite MK3 has already demonstrated its value in a variety of challenging scenarios. Currently the MK3 has been deployed in a range of applications including a 1,000’ penetration in a 54″ live sewer line, retrieving equipment in a black liquor spill, addressing off-gassing chemical vats, removal and installation of pumps sealed to an H2S source, penetrating methane tank airspace, replacing a turpentine burst disc, and cleaning a biogas tank among others. Each of these jobs highlight the MK3’s adaptability and safety in diverse topside industrial settings.

Lightweight Design for Maximum Mobility: In weighing just 5 pounds, the Ultra Lite MK3 is both balanced and functional. This lightweight design ensures wearers can move freely and comfortably, even in the most challenging working conditions. Gone are the days of bulky and cumbersome protective gear that hindered movement.

Neck Seal & Suit Seal: The Ultra Lite MK3 is a helmet with a neck dam that seals airtight to the hat and provides a seal around the neck. A neck seal is a more reliable seal then a face seal. Further for full encapsulation needs the Ultra Lite MK3 provides an airtight seal to a biohazard suit. Coupled with sealed gloves this provides ultimate protection to the wearer.

Broad Face Plate with Impact-Resistant Lexan: The MK3 boasts a broad face plate constructed from impact-resistant Lexan, providing the wearer with exceptional visibility and robust protection from potential impacts. It’s a clear window to a safer work environment.

Reliable Two-Way Hardline Radio Communications: Constant and reliable communication with the base team is crucial in industrial settings. The MK3 comes equipped with two-way hardline radio communications, ensuring that wearers are always in contact with their team, even in noisy or hazardous environments.

Complete Head Protection with Hard-shell Design: Safety should never be compromised, and the MK3 understands that. With its hard-shell design, this helmet offers complete head protection, safeguarding wearers from head bumps and injuries in unpredictable situations.

Partial or Full Encapsulation Options: The versatility of the MK3 shines through its ability to adapt to different scenarios. It can be used as a partial encapsulation system pairing seamlessly with chemical suits and gloves. This configuration provides access to confined spaces requiring fresh air supply and skin splash protection. The MK3 can also be used as a full encapsulation system when paired and sealed to a biohazard suit and gloves, enabling entry into spaces that demand both fresh air and full body encapsulation.

Built-in Picatinny Rails for Accessories: To meet the demands of a dynamic work environment, the MK3 features built-in Picatinny rails for accessories. These rails accommodate a range of attachments, including hardline video for real-time visuals and additional lighting for enhanced wearer safety.

Conclusion: Bulldog Diving’s Ultra Lite MK3 is not just a helmet; it’s a comprehensive safety solution for professionals operating in hazardous topside environments. With its lightweight design, Lexan face plate, reliable communication systems, and versatile encapsulation options, it offers unmatched protection, comfort, and mobility. The MK3 has already proven its worth in a range of industrial applications, setting a new standard for safety and performance in the field. When safety is paramount, the Ultra Lite MK3 is the ultimate choice.

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