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You’ve Found the Leaders in Commercial Diving, Advanced Diving Technology and Services for Industrial and Municipal Infrastructure

Midwest-based Bulldog Diving provides underwater, topside and marine services to diverse industries, regionally and throughout the United States.

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We Do the Jobs Others Can’t or Won’t.

When you’re serious about solving what seems like an impossible problem, call the guys our competitors call when they just can’t figure it out. We’re known for our deep experience, broad knowledge, and our proven ability to innovate in the field to just get it done.

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Topside Air Hat

Topside Air Helmet

When working in the ever-challenging hazards present in the industrial world, safety is paramount. For those tasked with confronting above-water hazards such as toxic gas environments, Bulldog Diving’s patent-pending Ultra Lite MK3 Topside Air Helmet stands as a beacon of safety, providing full head protection, comfort, and mobility.

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About Bulldog Diving

  • Safety is Our Priority – We work with our clients to meet your safety standards and practices.
  • Nearly 35 Years of Proven Experience – Bulldog Diving has been serving the inshore industrial sector throughout the United States since 1991.
  • Variety of Industries Served – We provide services to a wide array of industries, including all power generating plants, sewage, paper and package manufacturers, and more.
About Bulldog Diving

Bulldog Diving Project Portfolio

See our skilled and dedicated crews in action, and read our case studies showing how we make a positive impact in various industries.

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Results, Not Excuses

Reduce downtime and avoid structure failure: Dive into the future with Bulldog.