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Leaders in Commercial Diving

Bulldog Diving provides underwater and marine services to various industries both locally and throughout the United States

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Topside Air Hat

Topside Air Hat

In the ever challenging hazards present in the industrial world, safety is paramount. For those tasked with confronting above-water hazards, Bulldog Diving’s patent-pending Ultra Lite MK3 stands as a beacon of safety providing full head protection, comfort, and mobility.

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About Bulldog Diving

  • Safety is Our Priority – Bulldog Diving works with its clientele base to meet their safety standards and practices.
  • 30+ Years of Experience – Bulldog Diving has been serving the inshore industrial sector throughout the United States since 1991.
  • Variety of Industries Served – We provide services to a wide array of industries including all power generating plants, sewage, and paper and package manufacturers.
About Bulldog Diving

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See our skilled and dedicated group in action, making a positive impact in various industries.

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Bulldog Diving offers underwater and marine solutions to a wide range of industries, see how we can serve you.