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Remote Operated Vehicle

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

Bulldog Diving now offers a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) service for added operational flexibility.


An ROV will never replace the skill and efficiency of a diver but rather used as a means to enhance our commercial diving operation.

Employing a ROV for certain tasks and underwater inspections can provide project flexibility and work as a viable safety check prior to employing a diver in the water.

Enhanced Diver Safety

Due to potential pressure differential, Delta P, and other possible unknown dangers, many industrial operators require the use of an ROV prior to diver entry.

The Deep Trekker DTG3

The DTG3 is a portable observation-class ROV designed for rapid deployment and dependable underwater inspections. Equipped with a HD panning camera with 270-degree view range and 250’ tether.

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Deep Trekker Photon

Photon is the ultimate portable “suitcase” ROV, weighing in around 22lbs. A streamlined ROV with advanced inspection capabilities that utilizes a rotating enhanced 4k camera and six thrusters for maneuverability. This ROV comes with a 492’ tether.

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