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PROJECT TITLE: Stop Log Sealing

PROJECT LOCATION: Gibson Lake, Montgomery County, Indiana

CLIENT: Energy Utility


The energy plant needed to service a traveling water screen inside the pump basin. In order for their repair crew to access the pump, water inflow needed to be temporarily halted. Each intake window of the cooling structure has two logs stacked on top of each other, to fill the window. This creates a seam mid-water, about 15 feet off the lake bottom, where lake water flows into the pump basin for the plant’s generators.

Bulldog Diving was called in to clean the bottom seal plate, then to set and seal six stop logs (2 logs per intake window) on three windows.


After client sets stop-logs the diver is required to seal each side, bottom and center seam of each set of logs. This photo shows one of Bulldog’s divers exiting the water via a ladder, on the inside of the intake’s bar screens, after completing the task.


All six stop logs were sealed, allowing the client to de-water the intake bay so its crew could service their traveling water screen. This allowed the client to ensure its operational capabilities, and quickly return the generating plant to full capacity.