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NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and Televising of Outfall Lines

PROJECT TITLE: NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and Televising of Outfall Lines


CLIENT: Regional Power Plant


A power plant needed a firm to visually inspect and measure the thickness of deteriorating metal steel outfall lines, so management could plan needed repairs. Our crew was required to televise and record the inspection for later reference.

The job presented several unique challenges, including the need to access the location through a parking lot, and the length, diameter and heavy corrosion of the lines. The two lines were well over 12 feet in diameter. The water flow shutdown necessary to inspect the lines dropped the water level to half-full. The job required UDT (Ultrasonic Depth and Thickness) readings at six different clock positions, making it necessary for the diver to take a ladder to access the upper reading locations.


Bulldog was tapped for this project because of our reputation for expertise in successfully executing difficult jobs. This image shows the control station for our eight-diver team. From here, we issued communications with the divers as they recorded their findings, and monitored and managed their air usage.


We successfully completed the inspection, establishing baseline measurements for an ongoing effort by the plant to regularly monitor the thickness of existing outfall lines for comparison with previous years’ inspections. This will allow them to plan resources for rehabilitation or replacement as needed, rather than guessing whether and when it actually needs done.